How It’s Made

In the beginning, a 3D model for Clicker Ring was created as a base design to accommodate a one-size-fits-all plate. From there, the model can now be used to create affordable standard models, as well as high end custom orders. You can send us pictures of your inspirations or download a template to print, color and send back to us with your unique concept.

After contacting us to place your deposit, our designers will create your model. Meanwhile, we’ll send you a sample sizing kit to ensure we get it just right the first time. Once complete, we’ll confirm the design is to your liking and make it!

Step 1

The base model is made from injecting wax into a silicone mold, created in-house. The custom models are made from a castable resin and outsourced from a 3D printing service, providing the highest detail possible.


Step 2

The models are combined into a tree and investment is poured.

rings investment pour




Step 3

The investment is vacuumed to remove air, poured and then vacuumed again in the flask.


Step 4

Flasks are placed into a kiln, where the wax and resin can burn out.


Step 5

The empty cavity is filled with molten aluminum or other metal, such as gold.


Step 6

The flask cools briefly then is quenched in water to cool so that the product can be removed safely.


Step 7

Each ring is cut from the tree then undergoes an intense sanding and polishing.

buffer polishing

Step 8

Each ring is assembled and outfitted with a plate, then tested prior to shipping.

Step 9

SHOW IT OFF! You are now ready to make a fashion statement for humane animal training and turn heads with a conversation piece of the finest jewelry craftsmanship.