We are more than a pet product startup.

We are a community of animal lovers who know how effective clicker training is, not just for _____ but for the human-animal bond.

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Animals First

We’re all about the pets first and foremost.


Products and services that solve real problems for dog lovers, business and society.


Clicker Ring is made from reusable materials and upcycling to reduce landfill waste.


We value our supporters and provide opportunities for co-creation.


Reducing the financial barrier to pet training by providing affordable access to resources.

Our Core Values

Our Mission

To make dog training easier and foster humane practices in our canine culture.

We believe this can be achieved in two ways:

  1. Create physical products that are user friendly by working with the people that use them.
  2. Eliminate the financial barrier to education by providing free access to content.

In simple terms: Buy our equipment and get your education free. We want you and your furry friends to have the best experiences possible!

Our basic, durable Clicker Ring model and treat holster combo will cost less than the price of an obedience class or private lesson and include valuable information about training and parenting that goes beyond what you would typically receive from traditional avenues.

Our Story

clicker ring

The idea for Clicker Ring was conceptualized after professional dog trainer Josh Pitts recognized that clients were feeling overwhelmed when using a traditional clicker, particularly when it came to teaching loose leash walking and managing their reactive dogs in public.

There was just too much gear to carry! Josh wondered if the problems associated with clickers were preventing dog owners from adopting the method and utilizing its full potential. After all, they were missing out on the quickest, most effective and humane way to train any animal.

Josh decided to speak with other professionals about the idea at Clicker Expo. The response was overwhelmingly positive and the journey to create a user-friendly tool had begun. There was just one problem: Josh didn’t have any money! So, he turned to crowdfunding and launched this website to bring Clicker Ring to market.

We don’t know exactly when orders will be fulfilled, but we won’t stop until they are!

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